Top Gifts for 5 Year Old Boy that Likes Unicorns

This list of items was approved by a five year old boy who likes unicorns planning his next birthday.

unicorn toys, books and shirts for boys

We are planning a birthday party for a little boy who loves Unicorns. These are his top picks for cool unicorn things that a boy his age would love to have. As we browsed the great store of Amazon he also recommended (asked me to purchase) several other fun unicorn related supplies. Be forewarned that farting and pooping became a secondary theme.

Note that the are Amazon Affiliate links.

Top Unicorn Gift Recommendations for Boys

This kid thinks farting is the funniest thing ever. Pooping comes in a close second. The little guy thinks it is even funnier when it is unicorns doing the farting and pooping. He also liked that the feisty pets were battle ready with their changing faces.

Approved Unicorn Books for Boys

In the following recommendations, our “Unicorns that Fart” theme continued. He laughed so much just seeing the covers of these books so little boy approved.

Favorite Boy Approved Unicorn Shirts

The dab is a thing. The little guy gave high ratings to any unicorns that understood the significance of the dab. In addition, anything ninja is always a good option.

Party Item Recommendations

As we were shopping through Amazon, he wanted me to buy these for his party so consider these boy approved unicorn party supplies as well.

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