3 Life Lessons from just Blogging about Everything

Sometimes you just have to write in order to figure out what you want to write about…

Life Lessons Blogging Everything

Over 8 months, I have tried to blog once a week (not always successfully) but did not limit myself to a topic.  I tried quite a few topics everything from deep thoughts on corporate finance to not drinking alcohol for a month.

As many before me, I am climbing a steep hill by joining the world of blogging and trying to be heard.  On the other hand, I have learned important lessons by just blogging, no outline, just typing the keys.  Through these life lessons, I have discovered my writing #passion and the future of my blog.

Consistency is Important

Writing a consistent blog is difficult. There are always other things that pull your attention. However, this is something that I REALLY want to do. I want an outlet for my creativity, a chance to make something that is important to me.  Even if, I can only give it 15 minutes a day.  Therefore…

Lesson One: Make Time for Your Project

After much trial and error, I have developed a task list using the application todoist where I assign myself 15 minutes a day to work on this blog. I time myself and sometimes it means that it takes 3 days to write a blog post.  It’s okay.  I am making the time.

Authenticity Reads True

I read a version of this so many times and heard it again during my SEO class with Shaw Academy “Be yourself because an original is worth more than a copy.” Well, great, but I did not know who I wanted to be in a blog.  There are so many facets to a person and I didn’t know how to filter everything that I wanted to share.

After writing every week, I found items that interested me and those that did not. For example, the topic is very interesting but I do not want to write about Mobile App Development for the next several years of a sustained project. However, I enjoyed sharing my “simple” projects with my family.  Also, sharing these projects made them even more fun for me.  I love making step by step procedural guides! (Laugh if you want, but I do.)

Lesson Two: Your Real Passion will be Effortlessly Authentic

As I worked on posts about my family project with Pokémon Rice Krispie Treats, I was excited enough to start a Pinterest page and think about all of the other projects we do that I could share.  I actually got some emails asking for clarifications on steps.  I was so happy to help those people. Are Rice Krispie Treats going to save the world? Probably not, but I just made those people a little bit happier and that made me happy.

Never Stop Learning

As mentioned previously, there are so many people already writing blogs that it seems an insurmountable hill to even be heard. On the other hand, I like working on this project and I like learning about the topics I share with my kids.

I NEVER played Pokémon before my son got into it but you better believe I know the game pretty well now.  In fact, one of our upcoming projects is going to involve a Pokémon tournament run by yours truly.  (My readers will get to come along on the ride as I gear up my knowledge for this event.)

Lesson Three: Learning about Your Passion is NEVER Work

Which, I also really like blogging. I have learning about blogging as an 15 minute 3 times a week item on my todoist.  There are two blogs that I follow and would recommend as great places to start for anyone considering the journey.

I am not affiliated with either of these, I am just a fan!

The Art of Blogging – For Bloggers who Aspire to Inspire

Start a Blog – Start a Mom Blog

Author: Cassandra

I am a woman, a mom and an aspiring writer. As I strive to pin down my #passion out of all of my #loves, I am looking to share and make new friends.

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