The Best Rice Krispie Treat Recipe

The quest for the perfect Rice Krispie Treat Recipe for making a sphere.

I am on a quest.  Part of that quest requires finding the perfect rice krispie recipe.

The quest: Pokémon themed, okay for most allergies, birthday treats

This is the tested, perfect Rice Krispie recipe for making great tasting treats malleable enough for molding into circles.

This is attempt 1 to make red PokéBalls but attempt 10 to make the perfect Rice Krispie treat that tastes delicious and is easily shaped into a ball.

Future iterations will be modified to better resemble Pokéballs.

The Best Rice Krispie Treat Recipe

The perfect recipe requires the following:


Now for some information that the bag does not tell you.

Crucial Step: Melting Butter

The pan needs to be on low heat.  This means the pan should heat up on the lowest setting. If the pan is too hot the butter burns = brown and yucky. For best results:

  • Heat pan on low heat (3 or less)
  • Take pan off of the heat
  • Cut the Unsalted Butter into roughly tablespoon slices while adding to pan
  • Swirl butter around the pan until it melts
  • Replace pan on burner set on low heat

It is okay to add the Marshmallows as soon the butter is melted.  The small marshmallows definitely melt better! Stir the marshmallows so that they are coated by the butter while they are melting and stir until everything is a fluffy liquid.  Allowing time for the process improves the final product.

Adding the Rice Krispies while the pan is still on low heat gives the best chance to mix them evenly and still have time to shape the treats before they cool. Warning, I did toast (burn) part of it when I left it on low heat for a minute to find my shaping tools.

To prevent burning immediately transfer mix to a mixing bowl for further shaping.

As I am working on PokéBalls, it was at this point that I added 6 drops of red food dye. It is not quite the red that I want but it is a start.

An ice cream scooper worked great for serving out the ball shapes.  I did have to tighten up the shape by hand but it took very little time and looked great afterwards.

There will be more attempts! I will provide updates.  Have fun experimenting!

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Answers to Questions Received:

Why are the Rice Krispies treats hard?

This is most often caused because the butter and marshmallows were mixed on high heat.  The low heat provides for a consistent melt.

Another reason could be shaping.  There is a tendency to pack the mix super tight into the pan or into a ball.  Allowing some looseness provides a lighter treat.

How do you keep the Rice Krispies treats fresh?

This recipe for Rice Krispies treats maintains a fresh taste for about 2 days. For best results wrap individually in plastic wrap or keep in an airtight container.

The refrigerator makes them soggy and I think they taste very stale within a day.

The freezer is good for keeping them past 2 days but they need to be eaten within a day of being pulled out.  The treats do not defrost very well.

How do you prevent sticking to the pan?

When the butter is melting, swirl around the pan so that it covers the whole area that will be used for melting marshmallows and mixing treats.  Then, moving fast from pan to mixing bowl leaves some butter or marshmallow residue that is easily cleaned.  If you are using a small pan for melting do not attempt to mix in the cereal in the pan.  This really only works when you are using a large skillet like the ones shown in this Amazon link and picture below.

If stuff sticks to the pan, soaking in hot water has always done the trick for me.

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