Gratitude for a Pinch of Hunger

my life is great, waking up hungry in my world is a privilege

I am so lucky because a pinch of hunger is all I feel and it is self induced hunger.

A few weeks ago, I started the practice of not eating after 6 PM.  This is not because I believe that 6 PM is some magic number that will help me lose weight.  I stop at 6 PM because on most days I consume 1,400 calories by this time of the day.  Based on my lifestyle, 1,400 calories is what I should eat each day in order to lose a pound a week.  Since stopping at 1,400 has not worked for me; I have set a schedule and stick to it.  In the past few weeks, I can stick to the plan 5 out of 7 days which does reduce my consumption.

My body seems to be good with the plan.  I do not go to bed feeling hungry.  If I do feel like I need a little something, a glass of water or a teaspoon of honey into a cup of tea is satisfying. I wake up in the morning ready to eat but not uncomfortably hungry, my body just lets me know it is time to eat.

Through it all, I cannot help but have gratitude. I need to lose weight because there is so much food around me. I need to eat less and exercise more because I am privileged to work inside sitting at a desk with air conditioning instead of wearing out my muscles in physical labor.  I am privileged to only feel a small pinch of hunger that is easily remedied.

I continue on my health journey but am grateful for the life I lead.



Author: Cassandra

I am a woman, a mom and an aspiring writer. As I strive to pin down my #passion out of all of my #loves, I am looking to share and make new friends.

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