Beginner Mobile App Development

I believe my posts are already establishing that I have a wide range of interests and jump around a bit from day to day.  That being said…

An app I use for audio fitness classes, Aaptiv, provided a link for a free class with Shaw Academy.  Nothing is better than free, so I signed up for Mobile App Development.  Yesterday was my second class.

It is an interesting parallel to what I learned with my MBA.  Very often, app developers want to jump into the coding.  However, no matter how elegant the code or how perfect the solution, none of it works if there is no customer.  I have enjoyed how the course has laid out that everything needs to build off of the customer.  Before you start working, you need to think about the customer, if they even really need your new app and how you will make the customer happy with your solution.

Based on the course outline, the next class is going to go more into coding but I am impressed that 2 out of 8 classes on Mobile App Development was spent on understanding the customer.  Props!

Our homework was to think of a customer persona for a particular app idea.  Realizing this has already been done, but also that I am a “baby” app developer: I plan to create an app that guides aspiring writers through creative exercises to get words on paper.  The customer is frustrated writers with a story inside that just won’t get on the paper. Right now, I am the customer and I really don’t want to design an app for one.  🙂

Let me know if you have developed an application, it is yet another online world that I am exploring.

Passions, Loves and Interests

Really? One intellectual passion? Or multiple loves?

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I have been advised to follow my passion and it will lead to “greater things”.  However, I have lots of loves but very few passions, very few things that I love so much it would go ahead of my family.

The picture on the side appeared when I searched “lists”.  This is exactly what I create whenever I sit down to start writing about my potential passion.

How do people find their passion?  I asked my friends and many of them told me it is the one thing they can do all day without ever getting bored.  This seemed like a good idea until I thought back through my career and there have been lots of jobs that never bored me but definitely did not fall under “greater things”.

Another group told me that they focused on what they know how to do.  This stumped me because I can do lots of things and have never been afraid to try new things.  In fact, there are very few things that I feel like I could not learn.

I am going to keep looking. When “passion” is discussed, it generally implies complete devotion to it.  How many people are truly passionate about only one thing?

If you are reading this, do you have one passion that rules all else?  Or are you pulled in multiple directions?  Has your passion led you to “greater things”?  An interested seeker wants to know.  🙂


“To Blog” is Technically Interesting

First thing of the day:  Experimenting in the Kitchen!  First vegetable pickling attempt!

The world of blogging is an interesting place. This afternoon, I am trying to add a post from my Hootsuite login. Theoretically, this allows me to also post this to other social media as I so desire.

Since I was last here, it was very interesting to find out that the rules have changed on posting to Facebook. A few years ago, I used Hootsuite to schedule and post updates to all of my personal social media accounts to save time. It let me work ahead without overflowing my social network with a ton of information just because I happened to have time to post photos and share stories.

Fun stuff working through all of the tools.

lack of consistency! argh!

It is almost the end of January 2019.  December 2018 was crazy with two weeks in Madrid to finish up my MBA.  That was followed by a family trip to Colorado.

Then, I spent two weeks agonizing about trying to find a job.  I want to “follow my passion” but I also want to pay my bills.  I think that is temporarily resolved. So…

Now, I would love to get back on track with my writing.