Spanish Ham and Weight Loss

I am closing out my two weeks in Spain.  Graduation is just two days away.  It has been a fantastic journey with a fantastic class.  Our classes took us to Madrid, Los Angeles, Singapore, Sao Paolo and then back to Madrid for graduation.  15 months and done with the MBA.  What’s next?  IDK.  I’m not lonely as many of my classmates are also trying to determine the next step to take.

On that note, I have not been tracking my calories while here in Madrid.  I have not been trying to pull back on eating or drinking either.  I have ate my feel of the delicious meat and cheese plates that are served at seemingly every meal.  I have definitely had my share of red wine as well.  However, the amazing thing is that you can walk EVERYWHERE so it doesn’t seem to matter.  I am happily walking 5 miles a day just to get from place to place.

My gratitude for being able to do this is so high.  I know that this is a privilege.  I am not sure what I am going to do to repay the greater world but I will think of something.

assorted color ceramic tea set
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Author: Cassandra

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