Tracking Calories

Step 4 with Real Appeal:  Track your calories.  “Studies show that tracking your food intake can actually double your “weight loss” efforts (this is a stat worth repeating!).”

They really do write in the book “(this is a stat worth repeating!)”

I think anyone that has a weight problem has experienced ups and downs.  I myself have tried multiple diets some not so good for me.  Normally when I diet, I start using MyFitnessPal which is very helpful for saving meals and creating recipes.  It is also nice because it is free!  It was also easy to tell when I was on a crash diet because it would let me know I was not eating enough.  The app is not happy with full day fasts or juice cleanses.

So anyways, I am back on MyFitnessPal and trying to track my calories.  The deceptively “simple tricks” described by Real Appeal are:

  1. Log every bite, lick or sip – In other words, don’t lie to yourself.  Don’t eat it if you can’t make yourself log it.
  2. Specify type and quality – Once again, don’t lie to yourself.  Get to know how 1/2 cup of rice looks versus 1 cup – it’s a difference of 100+ calories (5% if you are 2,000 calories/day).
  3. Log it ASAP – The longer you wait, the more you will forget and the higher chance that you will pass your calories before you realize it.
  4. I don’t like their phrase on this one so I will rephrase it to:  “Do your best” – do not allow inaccuracy concerns to keep you from tracking

Author: Cassandra

I am a woman, a mom and an aspiring writer. As I strive to pin down my #passion out of all of my #loves, I am looking to share and make new friends.

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